Bio Digital Conference 2020

deutraMed Inc. Attends Bio Digital Conference 2020 and Presents the BioPure Deuterium Oxide Suite of Products & CMO/CRO Services

From June 8th to the 11th deutraMed Inc. is excited to be presenting our BioPure suite of products, and CMO/CRO services at the 2020 Bio Digital Convention.

“With BioPure deuterium oxide, deutraMed’s experts strive to provide a product that customers integrate directly into their product development and production operations,” says Chris McNichol, Product Manager at deutraMed Inc. “deutraMed’s manufacturing team is committed to providing to our customers with a strong sense of quality assurance, and our CRO/CMO partnerships allow clients to fully leverage our expertise and capabilities with deuterated products.”

Switching the hydrogen isotope protium to the hydrogen isotope deuterium has enabled life science innovators to utilize the deuterium isotope kinetic effect to their advantage.  Deuterium adds a competitive advantage to many pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, for example, increased drug half-life, increased bioavailability and duration of action, and vaccine stabilization.

deutraMed works with customers to provide access to a reliable secure supply of deuterium expertise, products and services that achieve customer strategic growth milestones.  Defining strengths include not simply a secure deuterium supply chain but sophisticated analytical and manufacturing capabilities, in-house technical expertise, and flexibility to meet customer requirements.  deutraMed can provide customers with deuterium expertise, long-term secure supply of ingredients and CMO/CRO services that meet requirements from early-stage research and development through to commercialization.  deutraMed markets multiple deuterium containing compounds and services and is excited to share this at the Bio Digital Convention 2020.

BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide

deutraMed further supports customers who require reduced bioburden in their Deuterium Oxide by offering a BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide suite of products for many applications with stringent biological and chemical requirements for pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications.  

deutraMed can provide BioPureTM Deuterium Oxide in the atom percentage and packaging required for your application.

CRO & CMO Services

deutraMed is committed to empowering customers to innovate with deuterium. The focus on flexibility, learning, & discovery, as well as high service and high-quality assurances in contract research & manufacturing, allows deutraMed to scale alongside partnering organizations to fulfill technical specifications & production requirements.

About deutraMed:

Formed in 2017 to meet the expanding demand for deuterium containing ingredients in the Life Sciences and High Technology markets, deutraMed identified the need for focused reliable bulk supply of deuterated ingredients and CRO/CMO expertise.  

We meet the major industry and client demands with an exceptional portfolio of specialty deuterium, products, expertise, laboratory capabilities, production capacities and assurances. We partner with our clients to enhance their deuterium supply chain capabilities as they establish and accomplish strategic growth milestones faster, easier and more reliably than ever before.

Our specialty expertise, high customer service, & deuterium solutions bring revolutionary innovation to the market, & contribute to creating a healthier, well-connected world. deutraMed’s abilities include the expertise provided by a diverse team of PhDs, scientists, engineers and customer relationship managers as well as laboratory capabilities, production facilities for both deuterium containing gases and various deuterium organic and inorganic compounds.

We aim to build relationships on trust, value, integrity and a thorough comprehension of client needs.  Our representatives would be pleased to discuss our product availability, development timeline, technical information, packaging options, and pricing.

To schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at the Bio Digital Convention call (833)338-8726 or email