BioPure​™ Deuterium Oxide

BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide is a bioburden-reduced, biologically inert formulation of deuterium oxide, used by deutraMed™ clients to create a healthier world.

deutraMed can provide BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide in the atom percentage required for your application. 

deutraMed clients also benefit from our secure long-term deuterium supply capabilities. 

Packaging options for BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide include: steel drums, glass bottles, and high-density polyethylene bottles. 

Full specifications for deutraMed™ BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide and custom packaging is available upon request.

Applications of BioPureTM

  • BioPureTM deuterium oxide is the product of unified teamwork, and the rigorous biochemical characterization of heavy water performed by the deutraMedTM Inc . PhD chemistry team in our state-of-the-art deuterium laboratory.
  • With high deuterium content, chemical purity and exceptionally low bioburden, BioPureTM D2O will allow organizations to accelerate development of new formulations for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biomedical, and life science applications.

Biomedical Applications

  • Deuterium oxide is used in pharmacology where H/D substitution increases the half-life of the pharmaceutical agent often favourably affecting the pharmacokinetics of the drug.
  • Deuterium oxide can be used as vaccine stabilizing reagent.
  • Deuteration may also change the pathway of drug metabolism (metabolic switching). Changed metabolism may lead to increased duration of action and lower toxicity.