Deuterium Oxide D₂O

CAS no. 7789-20-0

Deuterium oxide, also known as “heavy water” or “deuterium water”, is a molecule composed of two atoms of Deuterium and one atom of Oxygen. It is called heavy water because its density is greater than H₂O, and its chemical formula is D₂O. 

deutraMed supplies Deuterium oxide (CAS 7789-20-0, heavy water, D₂O) at a variety of isotopic concentrations, ranging from 70% to greater than 99.95% to suit your application.

Packaging options include steel drums, glass bottles, and high-density polyethylene bottles.

Full specifications for deutraMed’s Deuterium oxide and custom packaging are available upon request.

Close up shot of a deutraMed™ Deuterium Oxide D₂O Deuterium Gas bottle

Biomedical Applications

  • Deuterium oxide is used in pharmacology where H/D substitution increases the half-life of the pharmaceutical agent often favourably affecting the pharmacokinetics of the drug.
  • Deuterium oxide can be used as vaccine stabilizing reagent. 
  • Deuteration may also change the pathway of drug metabolism (metabolic switching). Changed metabolism may lead to increased duration of action and lower toxicity.
  • deutraMed further supports customers who require reduced bioburden in their D₂O by offering BioPureᵀᴹ product. Learn more about BioPureTM D₂O here.

Electronic Industry Applications

  • Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) – The hydrogen/deuterium primary kinetic isotope effect provides useful information about the degradation mechanism of OLED materials.
  • Optical Fibers – In optical fibers deuterium extracted from D₂O and deposited to Si reduces the absorption losses by shifting them to the 1620nm wavelength, which is outside of normal operating range, greatly enhancing the optical fiber service life and efficiency.

Other Applications

  • Deuterium oxide is routinely used in the process of heavy water electrolysis for the production of deuterium gas that is essential for semiconductor industries. For example, replacing hydrogen with deuterium greatly reduces hot-electron degradation effects in metal oxide semiconductor transistors due to the isotope kinetic effect.
  • Transistor lifetime improvements by factors of 10-50 have been reported.

deutraMed D₂O Expertise

  • By partnering with deutraMed, clients secure advantageous access from the strongest supply chain possible for their deuterated ingredients.
  • We satisfy client and industry needs through our exceptional mixture of specialty products, deuterium expertise, and analytical capabilities.
  • Supporting our clients in achieving their strategic business objectives is our ultimate goal.

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