deutraMed Biomolecule Stabilization Technology Platform Earns Additional Patent, Opening Door to New Biomedical Applications

Patented new value-added method improves mRNA stability during synthesis and storage

(Collingwood, Ont., July 19, 2023) – deutraMed Inc. today announced that its Biomolecule Stabilization Technology Platform has been awarded an additional patent related to mRNA stabilization. The patented solution improves mRNA stability during synthesis and storage, decreasing the significant cost and challenge of cold-chain logistics.

“deutraMed’s Biomolecule Stabilization Technology Platform provides a versatile foundation for the stabilization of a broad array of biomedical applications,” says Lisa Stuart, Managing Director of deutraMed Inc. “Our ongoing scientific research program is advancing diverse applications of the platform, supported by a world-class Scientific Advisory Board.”

The company’s mRNA stabilization application, named D-Lock™, shows promise in enabling the distribution of mRNA-based medical treatments in settings where it would not be practical due to the inherent instability of the medicines themselves. Utilizing the company’s BioPure Deuterium Oxide™ product, the platform stabilizes certain active pharmaceutical ingredients to enable longer-term transportation and storage at refrigerator temperatures.

“We are proud of our progress in helping to make mRNA therapeutics more practical and affordable by lowering the barrier of cold chain logistics,” Stuart says. “D-Lock™ shows great potential to make mRNA storage and distribution more practical, especially in remote locations with poor infrastructure.”

Beyond stabilization, mRNA synthesis using D-Lock™ technology significantly improves both transcription and translation efficiency compared with conventional in vitro transcription technology.

Translation refers to the process by which a protein is synthesized from information contained in an mRNA molecule. Transcription is the process by which the genetic information in a strand of DNA is copied into a new molecule of mRNA.

What is mRNA and why is it important?

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a type of RNA that is required for protein production. It differs from DNA, which stores the genetic information in our bodies; mRNA carries the information that directs cells to produce proteins.

mRNA is the foundation of many new advanced therapeutics where stabilization can offer significant potential benefits. These include treatments currently in development and undergoing clinical trials for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and other medical conditions. In the case of vaccines, mRNA codes for the proteins that trigger an immune response helping to protect against diseases such as COVID-19.

mRNA is inherently unstable. It is susceptible to both thermal and enzymatic degradation. This degradation is a temperature-dependent process: higher temperatures will lead to more degradation. Even at refrigerated temperatures of 4°C, mRNA integrity may only be maintained for a short period of time. As a result, -80°C freezers are often required to preserve the integrity of mRNA therapeutics.

deutraMed to Attend mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit; Chief Scientist to Present Research Findings

deutraMed Managing Director Lisa Stuart and the company’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Pavel Gris, will attend the July 26-28, 2023 mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit in Boston. Dr. Gris, PhD, MRSC, C. Chem. and an Adjunct Professor in University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry, will present research findings on the company’s “D-Lock™” technology at a poster session during the Summit.

To arrange an on-site meeting with deutraMed’s representatives, please email or call 1 (833) 338-8726. The mRNA Summit focuses on advancements, opportunities and challenges related to mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. For more information on the Summit, visit:

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