Collingwood, ON, Canada – November 17th, 2020 – deutraMed Inc. is pleased to announce significant progress with its Biomolecule Stabilization Technology platform.  Results from recent testing provides evidence that stabilization of mRNA was achieved.  mRNA is the foundation of many new advanced therapeutics including the recently announced COVID-19 vaccines by both Moderna and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc.

“The cold chain supply challenge for complex therapeutics, including vaccines, is a significant hurdle for their delivery to the global population.” Said Lisa Anne Stuart, Managing Director of deutraMed™ Inc.  “Our Biomolecule Stabilization Technology platform addresses this issue.  History has examples, such as the polio vaccine, where failed cold chain supply would inactivate the vaccine.  The rapidly growing number of mRNA-based therapeutics in the pharmaceutical industry pipeline requires solutions for successful logistics of distribution in the future.  For example, for the recently announced Pfizer mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, it is thought that immunization will require two doses delivered from a vaccine supply, stored and shipped at temperatures less than 70°C below zero.  The infrastructure requirements (including road, aircraft, trucking and intermodal handling) to ensure effective cold chain supply are not established for such stringent conditions. deutraMed is advancing solutions for this infrastructure which could lower cost and improve molecule distribution success as well as make it easier for people to receive effective medication.”

“The advance being announced today provides evidence of our progress to stabilize mRNA.” noted Dr. Joseph P. Porwoll, Chairman of deutraMed Inc.  “Stabilized mRNA provides foundational support for preserving bio-molecules used in medicine. I am proud of our leading deuterium experts in our Scientific Advisory Board who identified multiple deuterium technology pathways and recommended Biomolecule Stabilization as a top priority in 2019.  Clearly the impact of COVID-19 on the world has heightened the urgency of our technology and our scientists are starting to create results.”

On March 5th 2020, deutraMed announced the introduction of its BioPure Deuterium Oxide™ products.  This non-compendial excipient stabilizes certain active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  BioPure Deuterium Oxide™ enables medical treatments which would otherwise not be practical due to the inherent instability of the advanced medicines themselves.

Deuterium use in the pharmaceutical and the life sciences industry is expanding.  Replacing protium, the most abundant isotope of hydrogen, with deuterium has enabled life science innovators to harness the deuterium isotope to their advantage.  The bond strength between deuterium and carbon is greater than protium and carbon, thus replacing light hydrogen with deuterium modifies some of the physical, chemical and biochemical properties of non-deuterated compounds. Published investigations and patents illustrate the wide range of life science possibilities for deuterated ingredients administered through skin, intermuscular, intravenous, oral, and ocular pathways.

About deutraMed Inc.

deutraMed™ Inc. was formed in 2017 to meet the expanding global demand for deuterium containing ingredients and deuterium expertise. Founded by a group of industry specialists, the deutraMed™ team identified the need for expertise in deuterium science and innovation to achieve a focused and reliable supply of deuterium ingredients including deuterium gas, deuterium compounds, and intellectual property driven research and services. With applications in the life sciences to high technology, deuterium ingredients are being used globally to create a healthy and connected world. It is our duty to deliver innovations in deuterium ingredients to our clients.

deutraMed™ Inc. works with customers individually, using secure deuterium supply, expertise, and premium CMO/CRO/CDMO services to advance custom deuterium innovations in parallel with strategic growth milestones.

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