Deuterium Gas D₂

CAS no. 7782-39-0

Deuterium Gas, (²H₂ or D₂) is a naturally occurring, stable isotope of Hydrogen. Deuterium contains one neutron in its nucleus in addition to the one proton found in Protium (light Hydrogen, or H₂).

Deuterium is believed to be formed about 10 minutes after the Big Bang. More recently, 2.5 billion years ago, most of the Deuterium on Earth was oxidized to form heavy water.

Due to its unique physical properties, Deuterium gas has many applications, including uses in the high technology and life science sectors.

Close-up shot of 2 deutraMed™ deuterium gas tanks

How We Package The Gas

Letter Type Water Volume (L) Service Pressure (psi) Average Weight (lbs) Height (in) Diameter (in) Connection
DMedium Filling Cylinder10.82,01531.022.57.00CGA 350
GLarge Filling Cylinder48.82,400134.555.59.30CGA 350
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Fibre Optic Applications

  • Isotope exchange reactions between Hydrogen and Deuterium are used to replace OH with OD groups in optical fibres to reduce OH light absorption. The OD group provides increased efficiency and prolonged lifetime.
  • Treatment of fibres with D₂ gas protects them from future exposure to H₂, thus reducing the probability of an OH formation.
  • Since Deuterium is twice as heavy as Protium, it binds stronger to a variety of substrates, making the formation of OH less likely.

Semiconductor Applications

  • There are a variety of benefits that come from using Deuterium in semiconductor manufacturing rather than Protium due to the physical and chemical properties of the Silicon-Deuterium (Si-D) bonds present in these devices.
  • A Si-D bond has more favourable vibrational kinetics than the Si-H bond, allowing the compound to approach a vibrational equilibrium point quicker.
  • This allows D-doped semiconductors to have longer lifespans than H-doped semiconductors.

Secure Your Supply

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