New Brunswick Student Wins deutraMed Chemistry and Innovation Award at Canada-Wide Science Fair

(Collingwood, Ont., May 31, 2022) – deutraMed Inc., a breakthrough deuterium science and innovation company, congratulates Grade 8 student Kevin Cornell of Riverview, New Brunswick for winning the deutraMed-sponsored Chemistry and Innovation Award at the 2022 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF).

Cornell, a student at Riverview Middle School, won the award for his project, “Accessible Hydrogen Therapy with Graphite Electrodes” in the science fair’s Grade 7 and 8 Junior Category. Hydrogen therapy is an emerging medical treatment that uses hydrogen and oxygen gases to help treat arthritis, diabetes, asthma, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease and many other conditions. It can also help suppress the growth of cancer cells, reduce chemotherapy side effects, and even help treat COVID-19.  

Cornell’s project seeks to overcome an apparent barrier to widespread adoption of this therapy – the high cost of machines used to create pure hydrogen and oxygen. His generator can create approximately 150ml per minute of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas, and costs only $72. By comparison, he found a similar machine that produces 450ml of mixed gas per minute for a listed price of $2,355.

“The judging team unanimously agreed that the Cornell’s project demonstrated excellent research and troubleshooting skills, broad knowledge of the field, and deep interest in the topic and experiment,” said Marjo Piltonen, Director of Laboratory Services at deutraMed. “We congratulate Kevin on his accomplishment.”

The Canada-Wide Science Fair, held virtually May 16-20, 2022, is Canada’s foremost annual youth science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) event, bringing together top young scientists and their projects from across the country.

deutraMed, which produces value-added deuterium-containing ingredients used mainly in the Life Sciences and High Technology sectors, sponsors the Chemistry and Innovation award as part of its commitment to fostering Canada’s next generation of STEM innovators. The award recognizes the Grade 7 or 8 student whose project demonstrates outstanding innovation in chemistry.

Cornell’s project can be viewed at It was one of six projects identified for final evaluation.

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