Our Story

deutraMed was formed to meet the expanding global demand for deuterium containing ingredients.

Founded by a group of industry specialists, the deutraMed team identified the need for expertise in deuterium innovation to achieve a focused and reliable supply of ingredients. With applications from the life sciences to high technology, deuterium ingredients are being used globally to create a healthier and connected world. It is our duty to deliver innovations in deuterium ingredients to our clients.

Today at deutraMed, we work with our clients individually to advance their deuterium ingredient supply chain in parallel with their own strategic growth milestones.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation drives everything we do at deutraMed. Our defining strengths are our secure deuterium supply chain, sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, in-house expertise, and flexibility to meet customer requirements on an individual basis.

Our Vision

A healthier and connected world is empowered by our deuterium solutions.

Our Mission

Delivering your deuterium innovation is our duty.  One solution at a time.

Our Drive

deutraMed’s Vision, Mission and Values make up the backbone of our corporate DNA , transcribing our driving vector and translating our success