Our Deuterium Solutions

Reliable deuterium solutions and expertise. Our experts can help you with leading deuterium solutions, expertise, long-term supply, CRO and CMO partnerships, and new product releases. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more.

  • mRNA Therapeutics:

    deuterated pharmaceutical slows the metabolism of the drug while maintaining full potency and effectiveness. This can lead to longer benefits.

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  • Close-up shot of Deuterium Oxide D₂O tanks

    Deuterium Expertise and Supply

    Leading Deuterium Expertise deutraMed’s abilities include the expertise provided by a diverse team of PhDs, scientists, engineers and customer relationship managers as well as laboratory capabilities, production facilities for both… Continue reading →

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  • Our Innovation CRO and CMO Partnership Opportunities

    We believe we are smarter together. At deutraMed, we are committed to empowering our customers to innovate with deuterium. Our focus on flexibility, learning, and discovery in contract manufacturing allows… Continue reading →

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