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CAS no. 865-50-9

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Iodomethane-D₃ (Deuterated Iodomethane, Methyl-D₃ Iodide, Methyl Iodide-D₃, CD₃I) is a deuterated form of the iodomethane made from the precursor Methanol-D₄. It is an important ingredient for organic synthesis of deuterium-labelled compounds.

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Iodomethane-D₃ Applications

Throughout the last decade, both academic researchers and pharmaceutical industry professionals have led promising investigations into the development of deuterated pharmaceuticals. Selected deuterated pharmaceuticals show greater potential then protium-containing counterparts.  One of the incentives for producing deuterated pharmaceuticals is their altered metabolic profile, which typically leads to improved oral bioavailability and longer drug half-life.  Iodomethane-D₃ can be used as a methylating agent in organic synthesis and can be utilized to examine peptides and glycans in several analytical spectroscopic techniques.


  • Deuterated iodomethane
  • Methyl-D₃ Iodide
  • Methyl Iodide-D₃
  • CD₃I


  • Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong bases, strong oxidizing agents. Moisture and light-sensitive.
  • Color: Colorless
  • CAS Number: 865-50-9
  • Density: 2.3290g/mL
  • Water: 0.05% max. (Coulometric)
  • Boiling Point: 42.0°C
  • Linear Formula: CD₃I
  • Refractive Index:  1.5262

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