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Reliable deuterium products and expertise. Our experts can help you with deuterated products like Deuterium Oxide (D₂O), Deuterium Gas (D₂) and BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide by deutraMed™. Schedule a call with our experts today.

deuterium gas tanks for deuterium products, precursors, and intermediate products services by deutraMed

Deuterium Gas D₂

Deuterium Gas specifications from 99.99% to 99.999% and multiple packaging options are available . Our expertise in Deuterium gas, material integration expertise, and dedication to high-quality service support our clients in achieving their business objectives.

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BioPure Deuterium Oxide a deuterium product by deutraMed

BioPure​ Deuterium Oxide

BioPure Deuterium Oxide is a bioburden-reduced, biologically inert formulation of deuterium oxide, used by deutraMed™ clients to create a healthier world.

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Deuterium Oxide deuterium product services by deutraMed

Deuterium Oxide D₂O

Deuterium oxide, also known as “heavy water” or “deuterium water”, is a molecule composed of two atoms of Deuterium and one atom of Oxygen.

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Benzene D₆-C₆D₆ deuterium product services by deutraMed

Benzene-D₆ C₆D₆

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Benzene-D₆ (C₆D₆) is a perdeuterated form of benzene. It is an aromatic single ring compound.

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Iodomethane D₃ CD₃I deuterium product services by deutraMed

Iodomethane-D₃ CD₃I

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Iodomethane-D₃ (Deuterated Iodomethane, Methyl-D₃ Iodide, Methyl Iodide-D₃, CD₃I) is a deuterated form of the iodomethane made from the precursor Methanol-D₄.

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Methanol-D₄ CD₃OD deuterium product services by deutraMed

Methanol-D₄ CD₃OD

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Methanol-D₄ (CD₃OD) is a deuterated form of methanol and is an important precursor for Iodomethane-D₃. 

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