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CAS No. 811-98-3

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Methanol-D₄ (CD₃OD) is a deuterated form of methanol and is an important precursor for Iodomethane-D₃. It is an important ingredient and building block for the organic synthesis of deuterium-labelled compounds.

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To benefit from our expertise in Methanol-D₄ (CD₃OD) and dedication to high-quality service

Methanol-D₄ Applications

Throughout the last decade, both academic researchers and pharmaceutical industry professionals have led promising investigations into the development of deuterated pharmaceuticals. Selected deuterated pharmaceuticals show greater potential than protium-containing counterparts.  One of the incentives for producing deuterated pharmaceuticals is their altered metabolic profile, which typically leads to improved oral bioavailability and longer drug half-life.  Methanol-D₄ represents the foundation of emerging deuterated drug formulations and a building block for the organic synthesis of deuterium-labelled compounds. deutraMed Inc. is pleased to offer the strongest deuterium supply chain possible to support the development of fundamental deuterated reagents for pharmaceutical and synthetic applications.


  • Methanol-d₄
  • Deuterated methanol
  • Methyl Alcohol-d₄


  • Color: Colorless
  • Packaging Glass bottle
  • Density 0.8880g/mL
  • Water 0.05% max. (Coulometric)
  • Boiling Point 65.0°C
  • Melting Point -99.0°C
  • Linear Formula CD3OD
  • Linear Formula: CD3OD
  • Flash Point: 12°C
  • Beilstein: 01, III, 1187
  • Refractive Index: 1.3262
  • Formula Weight: 36.06
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Chemical Name or Material Methanol-d4

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