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deutraMed™ is a breakthrough deuterium science and innovation company.

We meet the growing demand for value-added deuterium-containing ingredients used mainly in the Life Sciences and High Technology sectors. We also provide research and services for next-generation deuterium products in partnership with our clients and conduct IP-driven R&D for bio-pharma and bio-materials applications.

deutraMed’s advanced R&D, supported by a world-class Scientific Advisory Board, helps our clients achieve their business goals and contributes to a healthier, more connected world.

Our Products & Solutions

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Deuterium Products

Deuterium Precursors and Intermediates are used for a variety of applications in the high technology and life science sectors.

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Deuterium Expertise & Supply

We are your partner for deuterium expertise and access to the strongest deuterium supply chain possible.

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Deuterium CRO & CMO Services

At deutraMed™, we are committed to empowering our customers to innovate with deuterium.

mRNA Therapeutics

Our Cost-Saving Solution Improves mRNA Stability During Synthesis and Storage

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Deuterium Innovations

We are developing new products based on client demands.  We transform your deuterium challenges into solutions.

Scientific Advisory Board

The members of deutraMed’s Scientific Advisory Board draw on a wide array of deuterium expertise and professional experience to advise the company on its science and innovation-focused activities. They meet periodically to peer review the company’s scientific work, provide expert input on research proposals, and share ideas for the exploration of new breakthrough innovations.

Joseph P. Porwoll, BS, PhD

Former President, Aldrich Chemical Company

Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board

Alistair I. Miller, BSc, PhD, DIC, FCIC

Former Head of Hydrogen Isotopes Group, AECL

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Graham Murphy, BSc, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Denis Gris, BHSc, PhD

Professor of Immunology, Universite de Sherbrooke

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Samantha E. L. Stuart, BASc, MASc, EIT

Data Scientist, Machine Learning Researcher, University of Toronto

Scientific Advisory Board Member

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