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deutraMed’s™ culture of learning and discovery empowers our team and our customers to innovate, perform, and challenge boundaries. We partner with our clients to enhance their deuterium supply chain capabilities as they establish and accomplish strategic growth milestones faster, easier and more reliably than ever before.

Our specialty expertise, high customer service, and valued deuterium solutions bring revolutionary innovation to the market and contribute to creating a healthier, well-connected world.

Our Products & Solutions

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Deuterium Products

Deuterium Precursors and Intermediates are used for a variety of applications in the high technology and life science sectors.

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Deuterium Expertise & Supply

We are your partner for deuterium expertise and access to the strongest deuterium supply chain possible.

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Deuterium CRO & CMO Services

At deutraMed™, we are committed to empowering our customers to innovate with deuterium.

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Deuterium Innovations

We are developing new products based on client demands.  We transform your deuterium challenges into solutions.

A healthy and connected world empowered by our deuterium solutions

Our investment in a forward-thinking company culture, innovative work environment, state of the art and industry leading deuterium laboratory draws world leading talent and a global network of clients and partnerships, that cultivates performance. Working together with our clients, we thrive in this environment and are proud to make strides towards a healthier, more connected-world.

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Dr. Joseph P. Porwoll

Senior Technical Advisor

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Lisa Anne Stuart

Managing Director

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Dr. Pavel Gris

Product Development & Head Chemist

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