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Deuterium gas reduces the significant risk of the fibre’s optical properties deteriorating due to atoms in or around the cables experiencing adverse chemical reactions.

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Deuterium and The Fibre Optic Industry

During the final steps of fibre optics manufacturing the optical fibre cable is treated with deuterium gas.

The deuterium treatment replaces some of the protium on the fibre cables, which reduces the chemical reaction rate leading to the deterioration of light transmission and extends the life of the cable.

Deuterium & Fiber Optic Treatment

Isotope exchange reactions between Hydrogen and Deuterium are used to replace OH with OD groups in optical fibres to reduce OH light absorption. The OD group provides increased efficiency and prolonged lifetime.

Treatment of fibres with D2 gas protects them from future exposure to H2, thus reducing the probability of an OH formation.  Since Deuterium is twice as heavy as Protium, it binds stronger to a variety of substrates, making the formation of OH less likely.

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