Our Deuterium Industries

Our deuterium experts serve many industries that use deuterium, require a long-term supply, or require deuterium solutions. The OLED and fibre optics manufacturing industries are two examples of industries we can support from prospect to prosperity.

A large flexible digital screen made better with deuterium for OLEDs

Deuterium for the OLED Industry

OLED technology is great, but our deuterated ingredients can make it even better. We can help you extend the lifetime of your devices and improve overall performance.

Using deuterium for OLEDs

Fibre optics networking cables made to last longer with deuterium gas treatment during manufacturing

Deuterium and Fibre Optics

In fibre optics manufacturing the optical fibre cable is treated with deuterium gas to extend the life fibre optics cables.

Using deuterium for fibre optics

Deuterium and Pharmaceuticals

Deuterium oxide is the new method of choice for analyzing protein synthesis for prolonged periods of time. D2O is easy to administer which means there are a variety of uses.

Using deuterium for pharmaceuticals

Deuterium and Semiconductors

The use of deuterium in semiconductor manufacturing extends the lifespan of semiconductor chips and microchips.

Using deuterium for semiconductors