deutraMed™ Inc. Launches Biopure™ Deuterium Oxide at DCAT Week 2020 – Creating New Pharmaceutical And Diagnostic Possibilities

Collingwood, ON, Canada – March 5th 2020 – deutraMed™ Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide products at the upcoming Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) Week 2020 in New York City March 23 to 26.

“BioPure™ deuterium oxide is designed to easily enable biopharmaceutical start-ups and industry leaders to add the benefit of deuterium to their innovations and products,” said Lisa Anne Stuart, Managing Director of deutraMed™ Inc. “We look forward to sharing the benefits of BioPure™ at DCAT Week 2020. Customers working with it to date have achieved excellent results. Our high-service collaborative culture, in-depth deuterium expertise, and secure long-term supply allows them to plan their commercial roll-out. deutraMed™ Inc. satisfies customers’ demand for contract manufacturing and contract research for their life science businesses.”

Deuterium use in the pharmaceutical and the life science industry is expanding. Switching from protium, the most abundant isotope of hydrogen, to deuterium has enabled life science innovators to harness the deuterium isotope kinetic effect to their advantage. The bond strength between deuterium and carbon is greater than protium and carbon, thus modifying some of the physical, chemical and biochemical properties of non-deuterated products. Published investigations and patents illustrate the wide range of life science possibilities for deuterated ingredients administered through skin, oral, and ocular pathways.

The team at deutraMed™ Inc. have resolved many key problems deuterium innovators face. For example, bioburden reduction and product polishing to enable pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications. With high deuterium content, chemical purity and exceptionally low bioburden, BioPure™ deuterium oxide allows organizations to accelerate the development of new formulations, shorten time to market, and contribute to the improvement of patient quality of life.

Senior representatives from deutraMed™ Inc. will be at DCAT Week 2020 in New York City from March 23rd to 26th to discuss the advantages of using BioPure™ deuterium oxide (D2O). To arrange a meeting, please call +1 (833) 338-8726. If you are not travelling to New York, please email or call +1 (833) 338-8726.

About deutraMed™ Inc.

deutraMed™ Inc. was formed in 2017 to meet the expanding global demand for deuterium containing ingredients and deuterium expertise. Founded by a group of industry specialists, the deutraMed™ team identified the need for expertise in deuterium innovation to achieve a focused and reliable supply of ingredients including deuterium gas and various deuterium compounds. With applications from the life sciences to high technology, deuterium ingredients are being used globally to create a healthy and connected world. It is our duty to deliver innovations in deuterium ingredients to our clients.
deutraMed™ Inc. works with customers individually, using secure supply, expertise, and premium CMO/CRO services to advance custom deuterium innovations in parallel with strategic growth milestones.

To learn more, peruse our website or phone us at +1 (833) 338-8726 and regarding our products and services, or for a quality reference.