deutraMed to Attend mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit; Chief Scientist to Present Research Findings

July 26-28, 2023

Boston, MA

deutraMed Managing Director Lisa Stuart and the company’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Pavel Gris, will attend the July 26-28, 2023 mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit in Boston.

Dr. Gris, PhD, MRSC, C. Chem. and an Adjunct Professor in University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry, will present research findings on the company’s patented mRNA stabilization technology, which stabilizes mRNA therapeutics for transportation and enhances their production.

The technology, named “D-Lock™”, is designed to mitigate the inherent instability of mRNA therapeutics, and thereby overcome the significant cost and challenge of cold-chain logistics. In addition, mRNA synthesis using D-Lock™ significantly improves both transcription and translation efficiency compared with conventional in vitro technology.

To arrange an on-site meeting with deutraMed’s representatives, please email or call 1 (833) 338-8726. The Summit focuses on advancements, opportunities and challenges related to mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. For more information on the Summit, visit: