deutraMed to Attend mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit; Chief Scientist to Present Research Findings

July 26-28, 2023

Boston, MA

deutraMed Managing Director Lisa Stuart and the company’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Pavel Gris, will attend the July 26-28, 2023 mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit in Boston.

Dr. Gris, PhD, MRSC, C. Chem. and an Adjunct Professor in University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry, will present research findings on the company’s patented mRNA stabilization technology, which stabilizes mRNA therapeutics for transportation and enhances their production.

The technology, named “D-Lock™”, is designed to mitigate the inherent instability of mRNA therapeutics, and thereby overcome the significant cost and challenge of cold-chain logistics. In addition, mRNA synthesis using D-Lock™ significantly improves both transcription and translation efficiency compared with conventional in vitro technology.

To arrange an on-site meeting with deutraMed’s representatives, please email or call 1 (833) 338-8726. The Summit focuses on advancements, opportunities and challenges related to mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines. For more information on the Summit, visit:

Hudson Gibbs Wins deutraMed Chemistry and Innovation Award at Canada-Wide Science Fair

(Collingwood, Ont., May 24, 2023) – deutraMed Inc., a breakthrough deuterium science and innovation company, congratulates Hudson Gibbs, a Grade 7 student from Cornwall, Ontario, for winning the deutraMed-sponsored Chemistry and Innovation Award at the 2023 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF).

Gibbs, an Iona Academy Catholic School student, won the award for his project “Wait! The Juice Trucks are Out?” in the science fair’s grade 7 and 8 Junior Category. He was looking for an alternative solution to de-icing roads that would avoid the ecological damage caused by salt accumulation in soil and ponds. He was first inspired by a news clipping about Cornwall’s use of beet juice to keep the city’s roads ice-free while reducing salt use.

Gibbs demonstrated the functionality of juice as a de-icer by freezing asphalt in different juice mixtures and then testing which juice produced the most significant slide resistance. He found that pickle juice had the greatest slide resistance and that juices with higher sugar content were more resistant to freezing. Gibbs’ results led him to develop pods similar to detergent pods with a mixture of pickle juice to prevent re-icing, beet juice to prevent ice from forming as it freezes, and salt, all encased in biodegradable plastic pods similar to detergent pods.

“Gibbs’ solution displays a passion for science, innovation, and thoughtful pursuit of environmental betterment through scientific progress,” said Marjo Piltonen, Director of Laboratory Services at deutraMed.“ “We are excited to offer him this award and to continue supporting young scientific minds in pursuing scientific innovation and exploration.”

The Canada-Wide Science Fair, held this year in Edmonton, is Canada’s foremost annual youth science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) event, bringing together top young scientists and their projects nationwide.

deutraMed sponsors the Chemistry and Innovation award as part of its commitment to fostering Canada’s next generation of STEM innovators. The award recognizes the Grade 7 or 8 student whose project demonstrates outstanding innovation in chemistry.

Gibb’s project can be viewed at

About deutraMed Inc.

deutraMed™ is a breakthrough deuterium science and innovation company. We meet the growing demand for value-added deuterium-containing ingredients used mainly in the life sciences and high technology sectors. We also provide research and services for next-generation deuterium products in partnership with our clients, and conduct IP-driven R&D for biopharma and bio-materials applications with support from a world-class Scientific Advisory Board. deutraMed is a member of the Key DH Technologies Inc. group of companies. For more information, please visit

For more information:

Don Hogarth

Phone: 416-565-8920


deutraMed to Attend mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

deutraMed to Attend mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe

January 24-26, 2023

Berlin, Germany

deutraMed Chief Scientist Dr. Pavel Gris will attend the mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe, to be held in Berlin, Germany in January 2023.

Dr. Gris, PhD, MRSC, C. Chem. and an Adjunct Professor in University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry, will join more than 250 leaders and scientists from academia and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries at the conference. Speakers and attendees will share updates to help advance mRNA-based vaccine and therapeutic strategies.

With the introduction of mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines over the past few years, academics and industrial participants in this field are actively exploring the development and deployment of other mRNA-based therapies to combat diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and other medical conditions.

Dr. Gris leads a team at deutraMed that has developed a proprietary method to stabilize mRNA using deuterium, based on the company’s Biomolecule Stabilization Technology platform. Initial study results demonstrate that the method can stabilize mRNA for 8+ months at refrigerator temperatures and 7+ days at room temperature. This would overcome significant cost and logistics challenges arising from the current need for ultra-cold storage and transportation of mRNA vaccines and other therapeutics.

To connect with Dr. Gris and other members of the deutraMed team, please call 1 (833) 338-8726 or send an email to

For more information about the conference, visit

Electronic Specialty Gas (ESG) Conference and Business Interface Conference (BIC) hosted by Linx Consulting

deutraMed to Attend Electronic Specialty Gas Conference

October 19-21, 2022

Chandler, Arizona

deutraMed will attend the Electronic Specialty Gas Conference and Business Interface Conference to be held October 19 to 21 at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel in Chandler, Arizona.

The Electronic Specialty Gas Conference, hosted by Linx Consulting, provides a forum for engagement and learning about the market, technology trends, and market drivers for specialty gases used in the electronics industry. deutraMed is a leading global supplier of deuterium gas, which is increasingly used in the manufacturing of semiconductors as well as OLED displays, fibre optics and life science applications.  

deutraMed will be represented at the conference by Rob Clark P. Eng., MBA, Vice President; Steven Bovair, Sales Manager; and Eric Pioli B. Eng., Process Engineering Lead. They will join numerous industry attendees including executives, buyers and product managers, as well as strategic planners from the electronic gases value chain including end-users, producers and equipment suppliers.

To connect with deutraMed’s conference team, please call 1 (833) 338-8726 or send an email to

For more information about the conferences, visit

Bio Digital Conference 2020

deutraMed Inc. Attends Bio Digital Conference 2020 and Presents the BioPure Deuterium Oxide Suite of Products & CMO/CRO Services

From June 8th to the 11th deutraMed Inc. is excited to be presenting our BioPure suite of products, and CMO/CRO services at the 2020 Bio Digital Convention.

“With BioPure deuterium oxide, deutraMed’s experts strive to provide a product that customers integrate directly into their product development and production operations,” says Chris McNichol, Product Manager at deutraMed Inc. “deutraMed’s manufacturing team is committed to providing to our customers with a strong sense of quality assurance, and our CRO/CMO partnerships allow clients to fully leverage our expertise and capabilities with deuterated products.”

Switching the hydrogen isotope protium to the hydrogen isotope deuterium has enabled life science innovators to utilize the deuterium isotope kinetic effect to their advantage.  Deuterium adds a competitive advantage to many pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, for example, increased drug half-life, increased bioavailability and duration of action, and vaccine stabilization.

deutraMed works with customers to provide access to a reliable secure supply of deuterium expertise, products and services that achieve customer strategic growth milestones.  Defining strengths include not simply a secure deuterium supply chain but sophisticated analytical and manufacturing capabilities, in-house technical expertise, and flexibility to meet customer requirements.  deutraMed can provide customers with deuterium expertise, long-term secure supply of ingredients and CMO/CRO services that meet requirements from early-stage research and development through to commercialization.  deutraMed markets multiple deuterium containing compounds and services and is excited to share this at the Bio Digital Convention 2020.

BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide

deutraMed further supports customers who require reduced bioburden in their Deuterium Oxide by offering a BioPure™ Deuterium Oxide suite of products for many applications with stringent biological and chemical requirements for pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications.  

deutraMed can provide BioPureTM Deuterium Oxide in the atom percentage and packaging required for your application.

CRO & CMO Services

deutraMed is committed to empowering customers to innovate with deuterium. The focus on flexibility, learning, & discovery, as well as high service and high-quality assurances in contract research & manufacturing, allows deutraMed to scale alongside partnering organizations to fulfill technical specifications & production requirements.

About deutraMed:

Formed in 2017 to meet the expanding demand for deuterium containing ingredients in the Life Sciences and High Technology markets, deutraMed identified the need for focused reliable bulk supply of deuterated ingredients and CRO/CMO expertise.  

We meet the major industry and client demands with an exceptional portfolio of specialty deuterium, products, expertise, laboratory capabilities, production capacities and assurances. We partner with our clients to enhance their deuterium supply chain capabilities as they establish and accomplish strategic growth milestones faster, easier and more reliably than ever before.

Our specialty expertise, high customer service, & deuterium solutions bring revolutionary innovation to the market, & contribute to creating a healthier, well-connected world. deutraMed’s abilities include the expertise provided by a diverse team of PhDs, scientists, engineers and customer relationship managers as well as laboratory capabilities, production facilities for both deuterium containing gases and various deuterium organic and inorganic compounds.

We aim to build relationships on trust, value, integrity and a thorough comprehension of client needs.  Our representatives would be pleased to discuss our product availability, development timeline, technical information, packaging options, and pricing.

To schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at the Bio Digital Convention call (833)338-8726 or email

Youth Science Canada Online STEM Fair

As part of deutraMed’s STEM outreach initiatives to support aspiring students, deutraMed supported the Youth Science Canada Online STEM Fair and the deutraMed online exhibit went live.

The exhibit includes the opportunity to learn about deutraMed, discover how deuterium is awesome, play the Deuterium Game, meet members of the team and sign up to learn about deutraMed’s co-op and internship program.

View the CWSF 2020