A Snapshot of Deuterium’s Potential in Pharmaceuticals

Substituting deuterium for protium at carbon-hydrogen chemical bond locations targeted by metabolic enzymes can help to slow down the breakdown of a drug, thus increasing its half-life in the body. This is due to the kinetic isotope effect, which increases the bond strength between deuterium and carbon in comparison to protium-carbon bond. Longer duration of action of a drug means that patients can take their medication less frequently without decreasing the efficacy of treatment. As additional benefits to the patient, deuteration can reduce drug interactions due to metabolic switching, and increase the patient’s tolerance of a medication.

What are deuterated drugs?

The first deuterated drug to enter the market was deutetrabenazine (deuterated tetrabenazine) from Teva pharmaceuticals in 2017, and it is intended for the treatment of Huntington’s chorea. The benefits of deuteration for this drug are the extended half-life and more stable blood levels of an active metabolite.

Another example of the attractiveness of deuterated pharmaceuticals is the deuterium chemistry platform for drug discovery at Concert Pharmaceuticals, based in Lexington, KY. Their current pipeline includes CTP-543 (deuterated ruxolitinib) in Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of Alopecia areata, and CTP-692 (a deuterium-modified form of D-serine) in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of schizophrenia.

It has also been shown, that deuteration can help to stabilize drug enantiomers. Although there has been limited exploration in this area outside of basic scientific experiments, this approach could prove to be extremely beneficial in harnessing the potential of pure enantiomers over racemic mixtures. For example, deuteration of the chiral center was explored in stabilizing the enantiomers of thalidomide, because they have unique pharmacological profiles.

Deuteration has the potential to solve several issues with many current drugs, and it is a feasible tool that medicinal chemists should keep in their toolbox.  We at deutraMed will be following closely the momentum that deuterated pharmaceuticals are gaining.

About deutraMed

Where do we fit into this story? deutraMed was created in 2017 to help supply deuterated ingredients. The founders, a diverse team of industry professionals, saw a need for a focused and reliable supply of such ingredients. And, it’s not just the drug industry that can benefit from deuterated ingredients. These compounds have applications in a number of fields, from the life sciences to high technology.

Our experts can help you with leading deuterium solutions, expertise, long-term supply, CRO and CMO partnerships, and new product releases. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more.

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Deuterium Gas Product and Company Advancements – A gasworld Interview

To find out more about our company, gasworld took the time to talk to Robert Clark, Vice-President of deutraMed, about our deuterium gas (Heavy Hydrogen) product offerings and what we have been working on so far this year.

After refining our operations to provide deuterium gas for the global fibre optic market, we are now focusing on creating custom, higher-grade products which cater to research and semiconductor industries” – Robert Clark, Vice President

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Youth Science Canada Online STEM Fair

As part of deutraMed’s STEM outreach initiatives to support aspiring students, deutraMed supported the Youth Science Canada Online STEM Fair and the deutraMed online exhibit went live.

The exhibit includes the opportunity to learn about deutraMed, discover how deuterium is awesome, play the Deuterium Game, meet members of the team and sign up to learn about deutraMed’s co-op and internship program.

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Together We Can!

Today, deutraMed Inc. donated 400 new medical masks to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

We are all in this together and together we can overcome COVID-19. We are forever thankful to the heath-care and front-line workers for their continuous efforts.

COVID19 Statement from deutraMed Inc.

To all our valued customers and partners:

This has been a challenging time around the world and in Canada.  Knowing that you might have concerns we want to reassure that the safety, security and best interest of our customers, partners, employees and operations are at the core of what we do. 

We want to assure you that we are taking all appropriate measures and precautions to ensure our production and supply lines are operational, safe and secure and that we have existing plans and protocols in place to ensure that they stay that way.

We at deutraMed are acutely aware of the situation and are working hard to mitigate the impacts of any disruption using our robust business continuity plan.

We are working hard to continue to provide the best service and secure supply. We are in contact with our suppliers and customer to ensure we can respond quickly to any changes in the situation.  We all have to work together at this time to ensure the stability of supply lines and to ensure that the finished products continue to be available to the ultimate customer.

Please reach out to us to discuss your needs so we can properly plan for and support your mitigation strategies.

If you have any further questions on the subject, please contact deutraMed Inc. at +1(833)338-8726 or info@deutramed.com.

deutraMed Inc. To Present The deutraMed™ Chemistry And Innovation Award At The Canada-Wide Science Fair Hosted By Youth Science Canada.

Collingwood, ON, Canada – March 16th 2020 – deutraMed Inc. is thrilled to award a young leader the new deutraMed™ Chemistry and Innovation Award for an outstanding project that demonstrates positive disruptive thought and/or an innovative approach to a problem related to chemistry at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

As part of deutraMed’s vision of creating a healthier and more connected world, deutraMed believes in investing in the future of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by championing the young population in their pursuit of success in STEM curricula and ambitions.  For this reason, deutraMed is delighted for the opportunity to present the deutraMed™ Chemistry and Innovation award in immense support of encouraging forward thinking, innovative youth to create positive disruption and inventive solutions.  This award will be presented by Samantha Stuart, a deutraMed Product Manager who is a past winner at the Canada Wide Science Fair and current Alumni Ambassador.

In addition to this award, we are honoured to sponsor Youth Science Canada in their work to drive the curiosity of Canadian youth via STEM projects, enable Canadian youth to have the capability to ask and answer questions and identify and solve problems, and grow a nation-wide STEM network of Canadian youth.  Since 1962, Youth Science Canada has hosted the Canada-Wide Science Fair which brings together the country’s leading young scientists in grades 7-12.  This year this event is scheduled to take place from May 9-15 at the Edmonton Convention Centre.  To learn more about this event visit https://cwsf.youthscience.ca/.

To understand more about deutraMed’s efforts in realizing the vision of creating a healthier and connected world call +1(833)338-8726 or email info@deutramed.com.

OWL Connected Interview

INTERVIEW: Samantha Stuart, engineer extraordinaire!

Thursday, February 20 is Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. It’s a day with two main goals.

First to let young girls know that they belong as future engineers as much as boy do. And second? To educate everyone about what it is that an engineer actually does!

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