Details about the Canadian-Wide Science Fair with a headshot of Justin Guo to the right.

Justin Guo Wins deutraMed Chemistry and Innovation Award at Canada-Wide Science Fair

deutraMed Inc. congratulates Justin Guo, a student from the Greater Vancouver area, for winning the deutraMed-sponsored Chemistry and Innovation Award at the 2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). Guo won the award for his project “Plastic Degradation Through a Novel Thermal Electro-Fenton System” in the science fair’s grade 7 and 8 Junior Category.

Guo’s project aims to create an effective solution to counter the growing rise of plastic pollution. His efforts were inspired by the inadequacy of current methods of addressing this issue. Guo’s innovative solution employed an electro-Fenton mechanism to oxidize plastic into non-harmful substances, with the only input being electricity. The results of are very promising: this method can convert plastics into safe products, with little to no emissions and minimal energy input.

The Canada-Wide Science Fair, held this year in Ottawa, is Canada’s foremost annual youth science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) event, bringing together top young scientists and their projects nationwide. deutraMed sponsors the Chemistry and Innovation award as part of its commitment to fostering Canada’s next generation of STEM innovators. The award recognizes the Grade 7 or 8 student whose project demonstrates outstanding innovation in chemistry.

Guo’s project can be viewed here: